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The Newsletter For FOA Employees on the Sea and In the Lab

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Since We have been Gone....

     During the past year, "SeaLab" has undergone some growing pains.  The intent of SeaLab has been to publish a newsletter, that would inform and entertain on a regular basis.  With the demands of running the operations of the task order program this has not always been possible.  In an attempt to publish SeaLab on a regular basis we intend to publish a smaller, but still informative and entertaining version of SeaLab.  We ask for your continual patience and suggestions.  We appreciate the many kind words that have been expressed to FOA about SeaLab as well as your involvement and input.  Your input helps make SeaLab a success! 

Going Onboard A Vessel?

Working onboard vessels is a common part of the work experience for many in the fisheries research field.  Many FOA employees have, or will, at some point be required to work on board a vessel as part of their task order.  But before you climb onboard there are some polices (new and old) that you must follow before you can work onboard a vessel.

The first thing you must do when you are going to work onboard a vessel is notify FOA at least two days in advance before you depart.  This is important for several reasons.   Insurance and liability is the first reason.  When you work on board a vessel you are covered under a different insurance program.  We need to make sure you are covered before you go onboard a vessel.  Second we need to make sure that your task order has  enough funding, to cover your time on board a vessel.   In addition to ensuring that adequate funding is available for you to work onboard, we need to also make sure that the waters your vessel will be working in is allowed in your task order job description.  For example if your task order states that you are only authorized to work in the navigable waters of Washington, but you are being requested to work in the navigable waters of Oregon, then FOA will need to request a modification for your task order.

You may be wondering what are navigable waters?  Navigable waters are  rivers, bays, lakes, and of course oceans. Basically, anytime you are onboard a vessel you need to be covered by special maritime insurance.   In fact, as soon as you step onto the deck you are considered to be on navigable waters, even if your ship is in dock.

An opportunity to work on board a vessel is a wonderful experience, an experience that you can take part in once you follow the proper procedures.

If you have further questions about working on board vessels, please contact Gene Gordon

Thanksgiving Fun Facts

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621.  The first Thanksgiving was also a feast that lasted three days.

Thanksgiving became an official holiday in 1941.  Congress authorized Thanksgiving as a federal holiday, after President Franklin Roosevelt set the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving in 1939.  The fourth Thursday in November was chosen as historians believed that the Mayflower anchored off of Cape Cod on the last Thursday in November.

According to historians the pilgrims didn't use forks.  They ate everything with spoons, knives, and their fingers!

Happy Thanksgiving


This month we welcome two new employees, Jennifer Rogan and Allen Cramer to FOA. Jennifer and Allen will be working for FOA at the Hatfield Marine Fisheries Science Center in Newport, Oregon.

Jennifer is a Fisheries Biologist II, and will be functioning as a debriefer for the Fishery Biologist Support Services.  Jennifer is a native of Chelmsford, MA, a suburb north of Boston.  She has a BA in Biology and Environmental Science from Boston University.  She has worked for various observer programs the last four years.  Jennifer likes to go hiking and camping as she enjoys the Northwest.

Allen will be working for FOA as a Fisheries Biologist III, and performing as a coordinator for the Fishery Biologist Support Services.  Allen also has several years of previous observer experience.  Allen's hobbies are wood working and enjoying the outdoors.  He is a native of Port Orchard, WA and a graduate of Western Washington University.

Welcome Jennifer and Allen.

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November 20 Pay Day

November 27- Thanksgiving.  FOA Office and Federal Offices closed.

November 28 FOA Offices Closed

November 30-First Day of Hanukah-Hanukah is a Feast of Dedication and a Festival of Lights. It last for eight days, and is usually celebrated in mid to late December.


December 2 Timesheets due into FOA Office

December 5 Pay Day

December 17 Timesheets Due into FOA Office

December 20 Pay Day

December 24 Happy Birthday Holly Coe!

December 24 Christmas Eve

December 25-Christmas-FOA Office and Federal Offices Closed