January 2002

Volume 1 Issue 3


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The News Letter for FOA employees on the sea and in the Lab

The Newsletter For FOA Employees on the Sea and In the Lab

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Each month we will meet a different FOA Employee. This month meet FOA Molecular Biologist Piper Schwenke.

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January Important Dates





There have been some important changes in regards to travel for all Frank Orth & Associates employees. This changes went into effect January 1. These changes were initiated to help control rising travel cost and because of employee requests.

Requests for travel accommodations (air, hotel, etc.) must now be documented on a travel request form and have your project leaderís signature, indicating their approval of your travel. Travel request forms were mailed out in December. If you did not get one, please contact Gene Gordon. This form will need to be faxed into FOA Corporate Offices, with your project leaderís approval before travel arrangements are made.

Because airlines now charge for changes, once arrangements are made, they are final. If you need to change your arrangements you will need your project leader to approve the changes stating that the changes are due to government business. If your supervisor will not authorize the changes, then you will be responsible for the expenses incurred in changing your reservations.

You also have the option of having all lodging cost billed directly to FOA, instead of being reimbursed for these expenses. Please let us know if you wish to exercise this option when making your request for travel arrangements.

We had hoped to be able to set up direct billing for car rental. Unfortunately, in checking with major car rental companies, due to the low dollar volume of car rentals, we are unable to set this up. Car rental procedures will remain the same.

Lunch Breaks

We want to thank you for your cooperation in making lunch breaks less of an issue. However there are still issues that need clarification. If you work more than five hours, you must take a half hour lunch break, off the clock. No exceptions. And this break needs to be indicated on your timesheet. If you work more than five hours and do not take a lunch break, the government will only pay for five hours. Please understand that the required lunch break is not the rules of FOA, NOAA, or NMFS. It is the state law.


W-2 Forms

Like it or not, tax time is here again. Your W-2 form will be sent to you sometime in late January upon receipt from Paychex, our payroll processing company. If you do not receive your W-2 form by late January, please contact FOA office immediately.