March/April/May 2002

Volume 1 Issue 5


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How hot is your Mariner fever?  Take this month's survey and tell us what your SODO MOJO level is.

May Important Dates and a Happy Belated Birthday to all those who had birthdays in March and April

FOA New Employees and events

Policy And Procedure Updates

Consent to Give Information

These days identify  theft is on everyone's mind.  We have to be extra sensitive and alert when we are giving out information.  Often we get request to verify information about FOA employees.  This information is usually requested when you have applied for credit, housing (home loan or apartment rental), or if you need a reference when you are seeking a new position.

We want to help you get that loan, the apartment, or new position by providing the needed information.  However, we want to make sure we are not releasing sensitive information to the wrong person.  It is FOA's policy to never release any information about our employees to anyone without the prior notification and consent of the employee.

You can facilitate the process by informing us beforehand that somebody will be calling us to verify information about you.  Send us an email informing us who will be calling and what information you would like  released.

If you have  concerns or questions about this matter please contact us.


We want to thank our FOA employees for your responsiveness in submitting your timesheets on time, properly completed, and approved by your project leader. This past year we have seen changes in the way we process timesheets. These changes were in response to the needs of the Government.

Based on certain recent events, I want to revisit another matter concerning timesheets. Timesheets are to be completed truthfully, and accurately reflect the hours that you work. Intentionally submitting a timesheet for hours you did not work is grounds for immediate termination. In addition, the US Government has the option of prosecuting individuals who submit a falsified timesheet. If you are instructed to record hours that you did not work, contact Gene Gordon at (425) 828-6577 immediately.

Also, effective immediately, we can no longer accept timesheets without a project leader's signature. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY. This change is necessary as a result of some unfortunate circumstances that have occurred recently.

We realize this may create a hardship for some of you. When you anticipate difficulty in obtaining the project leader's signature, (i.e. when you are in the field or your project leader is away), please call me. We will try and assist you in working out a solution.

Please contact me with any questions.

Hotel Reimbursements

This year we begin giving FOA employees the option of having their lodging expenses billed directly to FOA.  This has proved to be a popular option and we are glad to do whatever we can to  make your job easier.  

However for us to continue this service we must have your help.  When you have completed your travel, mail your hotel receipt  to the FOA office in Kirkland.  This will help us greatly in our expense tracking, invoicing, and allow us to continue to offer this option for FOA employees.

Timeliness of Receipts

It is important that when you need reimbursement for expenses that you submit the original receipt to FOA's corporate office promptly when you return from travel.  At the latest, receipts should be mailed to be received by FOA with your next timesheet.  When you delay submitting your receipts, you run the risk of not getting reimbursed for you expenses.  Once the Government closes out your travel modification and/or task order you cannot be reimbursed.

If you have questions about any of these policies, contact Gene Gordon     (425) 828-6577 or email.