February 2003

Volume 2 Issue 4


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Happy February everyone!  February is a short month, which means we will be one month closer to spring very soon.  Before you know it will be March 21 ans spring will be officially here.  While we await the arrival of warmer weather, I hope you are enjoying some of the winter activities that the Pacific Northwest offers.

Some changes to make you aware of, I have a new email address.  You can now reach me at geneg@frank-orth.com.  We also have a revised  travel form.  Please go to http://www.frank-orth.com/foa%20links.htm, and download and use the revised travel form.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Believe it or not, Spring is coming.  The Mariner Pitchers and Catcher report February 9.  With a new manager and most of the team returning how well do you think the Mariners will do in 2003?

Win The World Series  

 Win Their Division

Win The AL Championship  

Make the Playoffs 

Finish above .500, but miss the playoffs    

Finish Below .500

Favorite Holiday

We asked and you responded, your favorite holiday (outside of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year) is Easter.  

Do you have an idea for a survey question?  Send it to geneg@frank-orth.com.


Presidential Quiz

How well do you know our Presidents? In celebration of President's Day, take our quiz and see how much you know about the 42 men who have served as President of The United States.



  Upcoming Important Dates  
February 2 Groundhog Day -Groundhog day originates from the German Tradition of Candlemas Day.  First known celebration in the United States occurred in 1887 in Punxsutawney, PA.  Every year thousands gather to see the groundhog, "Punxsutawney Phil" awake from hibernation.  If Phil sees his shadow, six more weeks of winter is predicted.  However, Phil hasn't been too accurate as a weatherman.  Since 1887 he has been correct only 39% of the time.
February 3 Timesheets Due  
February 6 Payday  
  Happy Birthday! Allen Cramer

February 14 Valentines Day- Who St. Valentine really is and how Valentine's Day got started is not clear.  There are several different theories to the origin of this holiday.  Maybe its fitting that the holiday dedicated to love is much like love itself, mysterious and unexplainable.
February 17 President's Day- Every February the United States sets aside one day in February to honor its leaders. This day is called President’s Day. Originally this day was set aside to honor George Washington’s birthday, which is February 22. The first celebration of Washington’s birthday occurred in 1796, the last year of his  presidency. Washington’s birthday was celebrated each subsequent year on February 22 until 1971. In that year President Nixon signed a bill making the third Monday of February  “President’s Day”. There were two reasons for creating this federal holiday. One, was to have a holiday that honored all presidents. The other reason was to give federal employees a standard three day weekend.
  Timesheets Due  
February 20 Payday  
March 3 Timesheets Due  
March 5 Payday  
March 9 Happy Birthday Pat Garcia!
March 17 St. Patrick's Day  
  Timesheets Due  
March 20 Payday