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Christmas and Toy Quiz. How Much Do You Really Know?

So you think you know Christmas? And you are an expert on toys and games. Then take our quiz and see how much you really do know about the holiday, and the toys and games that go with them. After you take the quiz, check your answers on page three.

1 True or False. One of the first acts of the new congress in 1789 was to make Christmas a Federal Holiday?
2 Clement C. Moore and what American Corporation is responsible for the image of Santa Claus as a “fat, jolly, man in a red suit”?
3 How did Clement C. Moore make this contribution?
4 Robert May made what contribution to our Christmas traditions?
5 What connection does Robert May and Ted Geisel, aka “Dr. Seuss, the author of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” share?
 a      Robert May is his real life son
 b      Robert May was Dr. Seuss’s Illustrator
 c      They were classmates and alumni of Dartmouth University
6 Who is Mrs. O’Hanlon? Well, she was a New York Educator. But, she is best remembered for the contribution she made to our Christmas traditions when she was 8 years old. What did she do?
7 True or False. The Scandinavians started the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe, because it was believed that mistletoe cured infertility.
8 True or False. The Poinsettia was named after the United State’s first ambassador to Mexico, Joel Pointsett.

The second part of our quiz focuses on the most popular toys that have been given to children through the ages.

9 Joseph L. Cowen’s toy was originally invented in 1901 as a means to display animated advertisement. He was surprised when shoppers were more interested in his toy, than the goods that it was advertising. What was his invention?
10 In 1916 John Lloyd Wright invented this toy. His invention was inspired from watching his dad, famed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright build the earthquake-proof Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. What was Frank Lloyd Wright’s toy?
11   Why does everyone know the names of toy inventors, Elliot and Ruth Handler’s son and daughter?

Ruth Handler

12 True or False. The “Teddy Bear” was named after President Theodore Roosevelt because he refused to shoot a bear that his staff had captured for him.
13 These Salem, MA brothers, George and Charles had an interest in games. In fact they started their company in 1883 when they were 16 and 14 respectively. Name their company.
14 You usually don’t think of this man as a toy inventor. But, many of his creations have turned into to toys. In fact the company that bears his name is the third largest toy company in the world. Who is he?
15 This toy inventor was originally a successful artist. He stumbled onto the toy business after his top selling lithograph of a beard less President Abraham Lincoln was rendered out of date, as Lincoln grew a beard. Who was he?
16 This toy company is the fourth largest manufacturer of women’s clothes in the world?


Check your answers on Page Three