Employment Opportunity

Frank Orth & Associates is seeking qualified individuals for our Scientific Support Services contract work. We are looking for chemists, economists, fisheries research scientists, fisheries biologists, fishery geneticists, geographers, molecular geneticists, social scientists, statisticians, and technical program assistants.

We hire between 25 and 50 individuals for this program each year. The positions require anywhere from a two-month to up to a twelve-month commitment. Individuals are expected to work independently and exercise good and reasonable judgment in the performance of their work under the general guidance of a project leader. Positions may require fieldwork performed under hazardous and/or adverse weather conditions, work onboard fishing and research vessels, and/or work performed in laboratory settings. Approximately 98 percent of the work under the contract will be performed as land based and approximately 2 percent of the work shall be sea or at-sea work. These percentages may vary based on individual task requirements. These positions are highly competitive and we often have many employees return to the program for multiple task orders.

Position TypeDegree RequirementYears of ExperienceHigher Degree Substitute for Experience
Chemist IB.S.1None
Chemist IIB.S.3Yes – 2 Years
Chemist IIIM.S.3Yes - All
Economist IB.S.1None
Economist IIB.S.2Yes – Year for Year
Economist IIIB.S.3Yes – Year for Year
Economist IVM.S.3Yes - All
Fisheries Research Scientist IM.S.3Yes - All
Fisheries Research Scientist IIM.S.5Yes – 3 Years
Fisheries Biologist IB.S.1None
Fisheries Biologist IIB.S.2None
Fisheries Biologist IIIB.S.3Yes – Year for Year
Fisheries Biologist IVM.S.3Yes – 3 Years
Fisheries GeneticistB.S.2None
Geographer IB.S.1Yes - All
Geographer IIB.S.3Yes – 2 Yrs.-M.S./3 Yrs.-PhD
Molecular Geneticist IB.S.3Yes – 2 Yrs.-M.S./3 Yrs.-PhD
Molecular Geneticist IIM.S.4Yes – 2 Years
Molecular Geneticist IIIM.S.5Yes – 3 Years
Molecular Geneticist IVM.S.6Yes – 3 Years
Social Scientist IB.S.1None
Social Scientist IIB.S.2Yes – Year for Year
Social Scientist IIIB.S.3Yes – Year for Year
Social Scientist IVM.S.3Yes - All
Statistician IB.S.1Yes - All
Statistician IIB.S.2Yes - All
Technical Program AssistantB.S.5None